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Tom Brady lost another primetime game against Nick Foles on Thursday when the Bears defeated the Buccaneers 20-19 (box score). The most notable moment of the night came during Tampa Bay's final drive of the game when Brady threw a fourth down pass towards Cameron Brate, that was broken up and incomplete, resulting in a turnover on downs which allowed the Bears to run out the clock.

The thing that stood out wasn't that he threw the ball in that direction to begin with, but rather that after the play, he lingered on the field a bit longer in confusion. The source of his confusion? Brady thought the throw he made was on third down, not fourth down.

This was made very clear when the broadcast caught Brady inquisitively holding up four fingers towards his sideline -- and later towards the officials -- as if to ask whether they still had a fourth down play. Much to his dismay, he found out he had already blown that opportunity.

But one person's dismay is another person's joy. Such was the case after the gaffe when Twitter poked fun at Brady for what he did with jokes about his age, comparisons to J.R. Smith's famous blunder in the 2017 NBA Finals, and plenty more. Here are some of the highlights.