Mike Tannenbaum: Mark Sanchez will play '80-90 percent' of Jets' snaps

80-90 percent, huh? (Getty Images)

The new-look Jets offense makes its debut on a public stage Sunday. Can't. Wait. Or maybe I can, because to hear Mike Tannenbaum talk, it doesn't sound like it'll be all that different.

Tannenbaum, appearing on Mike and Mike in the Morning on Friday (via the New York Daily News), said that he expects Mark Sanchez to take '80-90 percent' of the Jets' snaps this season.

"In terms of, if that gives us the best match-up on that play, that's the play we're going to run," Tannenbaum said. "But again, Mark's going to be on the field for the lion's share. You guys will see. His playing time will be 80-90 percent over the 16 games. He's clearly our quarterback."

For you math majors, that leaves 10-20 percent of the snaps this season for Tim Tebow. And for what it's worth, the Jets had 1,030 plays in 2011. That leaves 206 plays -- max, according to Tannenbaum -- that will feature Tebow under center.

That actually fits pretty well with what our fantasy guys projected for him this year: 126.3 passing attempts and 84.7 rushing attempts. Based on Tebow's career numbers, he'll put up about 860 passing yards and 460 rushing yards over the course of 2012 if that holds true.

Of course, how likely is it that this holds true? I'd say not very. There's a combination of things that could cause Tebow to play more than 20 percent of the Jets' snaps this season, including poor play from Sanchez, injury, pressure from fans, Tebow succeeding on his minimal amount of snaps, etc., etc.

But let's say this is actually true (just bear with me). If this is true, then why has it been such a big secret? Has "great coach" Rex Ryan spent the entire off- and preseason bluffing about 50 wildcat plays per game just for the sole purpose of bluffing the Bills into prepping for more than 10 percent of the plays? Because that seems like a huge waste of time.

Which actually sums up the coverage of the Jets this summer pretty nicely.

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