NFL Sunday Ticket available to more viewers without DirecTV subscription

The biggest problem that most people have with "NFL Sunday Ticket" is that it's almost impossible to get unless you have a DirecTV subscription. 

That's all going to change in 2015.

The satellite carrier, which is now owned by AT&T, announced on Monday that Sunday Ticket will now be available to almost anyone, even if they don't have a DirecTV subscription.

NFL fans willing to pony up $199-$359 will be able to stream every Sunday afternoon game this season. The packages will also be available in monthly installments that you can see below. 

"Millions of people in apartments and houses in the US who were unable to install DIRECTV satellite dishes can now enjoy every out-of-market game, every Sunday afternoon on their favorite mobile and connected devices," DirecTV's senior vice president of marketing, Alex Kaplan, said. 

Although the streaming of Sunday Ticket has been available since 2010, there have always been limitations. 

For instance, DirecTV touted a similar streaming plan last year, but it was only to people who lived in apartment buildings where DirecTV service was unavailable and those apartments had to be located in metro New York, Philadelphia or San Francisco.

Now, DirecTV is opening up to almost anyone in any city who can't get service at their apartment, condominium or townhome.

People besides Tony Romo can now get Sunday Ticket. (DirecTV)
People besides Tony Romo can now get Sunday Ticket. (DirecTV)

The satellite provider is also introducing a Sunday Ticket plan for college students.

Last year, the college plan was $150 and only open to students at Michigan, Alabama, Washington, Texas, Southern California, Florida, Colorado, Syracuse, Ohio State and Harvard.

This year, the plan is only $99 (or $24.99/month for four months) and is available at over 300 schools. The $99 student plan will cost non-students $359.

For non-students, the cheapest package will cost $199. You can check out all the packages here

Depending on what package you buy, you'll be able to stream games over devices that range from your phone to your tablet to your laptop to your Xbox to your Playstation 4. 

The most expensive plan will also include the RedZone channel and DirecTV's Fantasy Zone channel. 

The only question left to answer is: What does "Arts and Craftsy" Tony Romo think of all this?

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