It looks like Eric Dickerson will not be getting his wish because Jeff Fisher will reportedly remain the coach of the Los Angeles Rams for a while longer. Fisher reportedly signed a two-year contract extension to stay on with the Rams, according to multiple reports, one of which specified that the extension was actually signed several weeks ago and did not leak out until Sunday morning.

It is difficult to find any evidence in his coaching record to suggest that Fisher has the Rams on the right track or that he should be lavished with an extension. In four-plus seasons, he has led the Rams to a 31-43-1 record, good for 25th in the league in winning percentage.

The Rams have finished each of Fisher's seasons with about an average defense and a considerably below-average offense, and that looks like it will be the case this year as well. Considering they have a shortage of future draft picks in their cupboard thanks to the Jared Goff trade, it seems unlikely they'll make a leap soon barring Goff himself quickly becoming a star. (Considering Fisher thought so little of Goff's readiness that he felt Case Keenum gave the team a better chance to win as recently as three weeks ago, that seems somewhat unlikely as well.)

The Rams have yet to finish a season at .500 or better under Fisher's leadership, a streak that will continue this season if they lose even one more game. A Fisher-coached team has actually not finished above .500 since 2008. Fisher only has six seasons of above .500 football to his name in his 22 years as a head coach.