The NFL won't have to launch an investigation into Rex Ryan's claim that his "sources" within the Patriots organization told him which quarterback the Patriots were going to start against the Bills on Sunday. As expected, it turned out to be just another one of Ryan's jokes.

Ryan fessed up Monday, a day after the Bills pitched the first shutout of the Patriots in New England since 1993.

"Absolutely [I had sources], as far as you guys know," Ryan said, per "That's just great. Because, man, I stirred the pot. Because you know they're sitting back and going, 'Who is it? Who is it?' I was BSing the whole time.

"If people were worried about it, that's awesome. That's good. Let them think they got [someone inside]."

Here's what Ryan said Sunday to kick all of this off:

I'm normally a fan of Ryan's ruses -- he's fun! -- but his logic behind this one is laughable. He might've gotten inside the heads of Patriots fans by claiming he had sources (check Twitter), but getting inside Bill Belichick's head? I'm sure Belichick was up all night interrogating the members of his coaching staff.

The logic doesn't make sense. If Ryan was trying to get inside the Patriots' heads, why did he confess 24 hours later? Especially when he worked so hard to make us believe in his sources.

The only explanation: Ryan does actually have sources in Foxborough but he couldn't keep his mouth shut after beating the Patriots and slipped up, and now he's just trying to turn it into a non-story so Belichick never finds "the (expletive) rat," as they say in "The Departed."

Regardless of the reasoning, give it up for Ryan. After dropping to 0-2, his Bills have responded with back-to-back wins over the Cardinals and Patriots. He's alive and back to making his jokes.