Monday night was a traveshamockery of officiating in the Raiders' 27-20 win over the Texans that vaulted the men in black to the top of the AFC standings.

There were multiple issues with decisions and calls made by referees and it caused many folks to wonder about the quality of officiating.

Some members of the Broncos, a team with a vested interest in Oakland losing football games, even went so far as to wonder if Oakland was getting some free help from the officials.

Brandon Marshall said the Raiders were "cheating now."

And Broncos safety T.J. Ward wondered if the game was "staged."

Now, these guys were obviously kidding. See the emojis they used. It's blatant sarcasm. No one actually had a vested interest in the Raiders winning that game, outside of Raiders fans and people who bet on the Raiders.

But it sure didn't look like the refs were interested in doing the Texans any favors.