PHOTO: Are these Canada's sweaters for Sochi Olympics?

Are these the sweaters Canada will take to Russia? (Reddit)
Are these the sweaters Canada will take to Russia? (Reddit)

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The United States hockey team got their Nike shame out of the way when they unveiled their Sochi Olympic sweaters at their orientation camp a few weeks back. Canada, meanwhile, has waited.

We got what appeared to be a glimpse of the new sweater a few weeks ago when a shot of Jonathan Toews appeared on the photo site Getty Images. We got another big hint on Tuesday that is what the jersey will look like when a picture surfaced on Reddit of not only the same red sweater that Toews was photographed in, but a white and alternate black sweater, too.

All signs point to these being the sweater. From the consistency of the Toews photo and these to the faux laces and generic design. Oh, and don't forget they're made by Nike and have those golden maple leaves on the bottom of the sweater.

Now is the part where I say yuck. Whether it's the American jersey or the Canadian ones, the faux laces are awful. I don't know who thought that was a good idea. But the jerseys themselves are just so bland and boring. Is that really the best Nike could come up with? Canada's jerseys in 2010 were much better looking. They had some character, not the appeal of the discount rack at your local sporting goods outlet. The big problem for me is the material. By trying to go light weight it looks terribly cheap and they kind of look like practice sweaters.

And the black sweater? Well, I'll just pretend I don't see that one. On second thought, maybe we should look a little closer at those as Thomas Drance pointed out.

Oh boy. Yeah, that might be a bad look.

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