UEFA Champions League 2020/21 Play-off Round Draw
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The appeal of the Super League for Europe's biggest club that have agreed to join is certainly the increase funding of over €10 billion during the initial period, with founding clubs getting €3.5 billion to start. To counter, UEFA is reportedly aiming to increase their funding. 

According to RMC in France, UEFA is working with an English investment fund to receive a starting budget of €4.5 billion, which could go as high as €7 billion.

For the 2019-20 season, UEFA distributed €2.04 billion to clubs competing in the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup. The gross commercial revenue was €3.25 billion. In that year, 93.5 percent was dstributed to the clubs. So, if the rates stay the same and UEFA get increased funding, that would mean that the €2.5 billion that goes to the clubs could potentially become as much as €6.5 billion if the budget gets as high as €7 billion. 

This, in theory, would allow for clubs to be paid much more, though the specifics have not been released.

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