After the United States, Mexico and Canada announced their plan to bid together to host the 2026 World Cup on Monday, there came a frequent question. When will we know if the CONCACAF region will get the World Cup?

According to FIFA’s timeline, a decision is supposed to come in May of 2020. CONCACAF, however, would rather take the HOV lane and get to it quicker.

CONCACAF plans to make a proposal at May’s FIFA congress to speed up the process, according to ESPN. The proposal requests that the region be given the chance soon to prepare a report that shows the specifics of the bid to meet FIFA’s requirement with the hope of the bid being awarded then, possibly by the end of the year. 

Of course, this makes sense for various reasons, including having more time to plan for the tournament, which will feature 48 teams for the first time. 

On the other side, there is the lack of a normal bidding process, which for an organization more known for bending the rules and questionable decisions, doesn’t help its image though this would technically be legal.

The fact of the matter is, it’s really hard to envision any country or countries rivaling the trio when it comes to a bid. With Europe and Asia excluded from bidding due to the continents each having one of the next two cups, what other country could have a bid that is even half of what this one will be? 

It looks like the U.S. and CONCACAF know it. And if they can convince FIFA, plans for the 2026 World Cup could begin much sooner than we thought.

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