Indiana coach Tom Crean was on the receiving end of some harsh criticism from one angry fan wearing Maryland gear following the team’s 70-60 loss to Wisconsin on Friday night in the Big Ten tournament.

The man, who was seated in the stands, pointed and yelled at Crean saying, “You ruined the program!”

Crean immediately halted his trip back to the locker room, motioned security over and pointed out the man. But Crean played it cool and didn’t get into a word fight, despite the fightin’ words spewed from the disgruntled fan who is either an Indiana fan in Terps gear, or just angry in general at Crean.

With the loss to Wisconsin, Indiana is likely headed to the NIT, meaning it will miss the NCAA Tournament just a year removed from playing in the regional semifinal and winning the Big Ten regular-season title. It is not the result any fan, nor Crean himself, likely envisioned when the season started.