ESPN's Jay Bilas spent Tuesday afternoon embarrassing the NCAA

ESPN analyst Jay Bilas is a smart and educated man who has created quite a following on Twitter by quoting rap lyrics and exposing the hypocrisy of the NCAA. He's consistently funny and insightful, and Tuesday was a truly remarkable afternoon in both regards.

Bilas -- who seems just as frustrated as most by a system that allows the NCAA and Texas A&M to profit off of Johnny Manziel while preventing the reigning Heisman Trophy winner from selling his own signature -- began a little experiment in an attempt to highlight the hypocrisy. It started with this tweet:

Yep, that's proof that it's possible to go into the search engine of, type the name "Johnny Manziel" and end up on a page filled with items connected to Texas A&M and Manziel's jersey number despite the NCAA's long insistence that specific jerseys for sale aren't connected to specific players. Bilas did the same thing with Alabama's A.J. McCarron, Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater, Clemson's Tajh Boyd and a slew of other players. It was incredible to watch unfold ... for as long as it lasted.

Best I could tell, Bilas was prepared to go all day. But a funny thing happened about two hours after Bilas started the experiment. Suddenly, the search engine was disabled, presumably by somebody who realized the governing body was getting embarrassed in a pretty public way. Well done, Mr. Bilas. Well done.

Here's a handful more:

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