Former Louisville coach Rick Pitino joins Twitter and immediately gets crushed after name is misspelled

The moment we've all been waiting for! Former Louisville coach Rick Pitino -- who was fired last year in the fallout of a massive scandal -- has finally joined Twitter, and it definitely has nothing to do with his new tell-all book

However, apparently he didn't read the starter packet for new Twitter users. No. 1: Make sure that any graphics that are promoting something have that thing spelled correctly and No. 2: Make sure that all facts about you are accurate.

I'm sure "The Pitno Podcast" is a fascinating listen.

OK, so that's not the ideal start to your Twitter account, but he figured it out. His bio now addresses that he's one of two coaches to lead three teams to the Final Four and the graphic says "The Pitino Podcast," although he does still seem to have himself listed as a two-time national champion. 

So your profile is all set up, great. Now it's time to send out your first tweet. Something like "Hi world!"

Or, you know, "this website is terrible but I'll be the one to change it." That works too. This is basically the final rap of "8 Mile" if B-Rabbit had no self-awareness.

Twitter immediately made it its mission to let Pitino know that he's right, Twitter is terrible, and that there's no fixing it.

There are plenty of other replies, but this is a family site. As of this post, the ratio of this post is about three likes to one comment, which really isn't bad! With that being said, Pitino will likely learn very quickly why he stayed away from Twitter for so long.

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