LOOK: Nigel Hayes shows up to 'College GameDay' with 'broke athlete' sign

With Ohio State at Wisconsin being the biggest game in college football this weekend, ESPN's "College GameDay"program arrived on campus. This allowed Wisconsin star basketball player Nigel Hayes -- sporting a happy dissenter's spirit -- to carry around a sign that bashes the NCAA.

He did it to get attention, to bring more discussion and debate to the issue of if college athletes should be compensated, and it's working. Here's the sign.

That little logo below with the "BROKEBADGER1" next to it indicates a Venmo handle, an app where people can send and request money through their phones.

I did a Venmo search, and the name "brokebadger" brings up Nigel Hayes. Brokebadger1 brings up a different person. So, a mistake by Hayes, or an intentional move as to avoid any possible NCAA violations, should Hayes suddenly see his Venmo account splurge with donations?

All of this came a day removed from Hayes going on Twitter for his latest discourse and debate. He's done it with race relations and police assault before, too. Less than a month ago, in fact. Here's a sampling of Hayes' thoughts on college athletes not being paid by the NCAA, all of the tweets posted Friday.

Hayes' tweets prompted athletes to send him support, like Kendall Marshall, who's now in the NBA but was also one to speak often about issues when he was playing at UNC.

Keep in mind that Hayes is doing this as one of the faces of the sport. He's the Big Ten preseason player of the year, a projected NBA draft pick and one of the 15 or so best players in the sport. It's rare in college sports to see some of its best speak out so loudly and consistently. Hayes is willing not just to stir the pot, but to throw it off the stove.

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