Louisville assistant basketball coaches Jordan Fair and Kenny Johnson are "not active" with the program and have not been participating in team practice sessions in the wake of the FBI investigation that included three unnamed Louisville coaches last Tuesday. However, according to interim athletic director Vince Tyra, both are still employed by the university.

"They're still with us, they're still employed," Tyra said via the Courier-Journal. "That's something I'm working on literally as we speak and will be on the phone as soon as I leave here."

Louisville coach Rick Pitino was placed on unpaid administrative leave as a result of the FBI's findings.  Athletic director Tom Jurich was also placed on administrative leave.

A source told CBS Sports' Gary Parrish that Louisville has no intention of ever allowing Pitino to coach at Louisville again, and school president Greg Postel all but confirmed that this week in a statement saying he is pursuing a for-cause dismissal of the Hall of Fame coach.

Neither Fair nor Johnson were explicitly named in the FBI's findings release last week, which implicated 10 individuals in and around the sport, however interim coach David Padgett said there's a decision-making process in the works about their employment status.

"It's going to be a decision that's up to a lot of people," Padgett told the Courier-Journal. "It's certainly not going to be completely up to me, because there are a lot of outside factors."

The Louisville basketball team began its fall camp on Sunday, only five days after the FBI's findings were released. The team will begin its season Nov. 12 against George Mason.