Loyola-Chicago, a No. 11 seed, is the first team to make the Final Four. Yes, the seed that sometimes requires a play-in to determine who will make it to the first round of the NCAA Tournament is going to play the winner of Michigan and Florida State next weekend in San Antonio and the Ramblers have a ton to love. Sister Jean, the scarves, and the simple fact that it's an underdog. And Twitter loves every part of it.

First of all, you need the simple stuff. The video. Teams cutting down nets is always a special moment. And underdogs doing it just has that much more charm.

Loyola-Chicago also did the unthinkable. It managed to get Skip Bayless to admit that madness drove it to the Final Four. This is as close as he's ever come to admitting he's wrong.

Other people are asking more... Pressing questions.

Loyola wants Bama!

And Loyola-Chicago itself knows you doubted it. It's time to stop.

And everyone else is just beside themselves.

Sports don't make sense, that's what makes them great. March Madness has no reason whatsoever, that's what makes it beautiful. Loyola-Chicago is special this year, and at this point the only people rooting against it are the teams playing them. It's hard to envy those rooting against the Ramblers.