Siena beat Rider 78-68 on Tuesday in what was a relatively unexciting competition. Unexciting until late in the second half, that is, when a fight broke out resulting in two ejections and two technicals.

After the game, Rider's coaches and players left the court and skipped the handshake line altogether. Siena coach Jimmy Patsos turned the controversial moment into a hilarious one, as he walked down to the opposing bench to shake hands ... with air.

Of course, Rider should have been there to greet him. But as you can see in the video below, they went straight to the locker room. The chippiness from the fight coupled with the loss obviously didn't sit well with the team. But Patsos walked the length of the entire bench to make sure he got to the imaginary players too:

Asked about the incident after the game, Patsos chose to praise Rider coach Kevin Baggett.

"I love Kevin Baggett," he told the Times Union's Mark Singelais. "He and I and [Saint Peter's] John Dunne are the three closest friends in the league. ... Things got a little heated. If you're looking for me to say anything bad about Kevin Baggett, I'm not going to. I love that guy."

Siena's Javion Ogunyemi said after the game to Singelais it may have been best for both parties that the handshake line was skipped. "Honestly, it was probably best for the situation. ... You don't want handshakes and somebody says something smart."

Plus, we wouldn't have witnessed the most amazing pantomiming from Patsos maybe ever.