Wisconsin star Nigel Hayes and Jordan Hill took a step behind the rest of their teammates during the playing of the national anthem before Friday night's against Central Arkansas.

Hayes has publicly demanded change from the university and protests because of a racial incident that took place in Madison, Wisconsin, during a recent home football game. The incident involved two Wisconsin fans in attendance who wore a costume dressed as Barack Obama with a noose around his neck.

"You can't take a knee on the court because my knee would hurt," Hayes told the Daily Cardinal after a recent exhibition game. "So therefore I stand back. Similar reasons why [Colin] Kaepernick does it, with the type of country we live in, the things that are going on as you see."

Hayes' polarizing status, not only as an excellent basketball player, but his willingness to speak out on social issues, make him one of the most intriguing figures in all of college basketball. Badgers coach Greg Gard has publicly voiced his support for speaking out and expressing himself, so the protests from the Badgers star likely will continue on throughout the rest of the basketball season.