LOOK: Georgia grocery store pulls Irish Spring soap off shelves ahead of Notre Dame game

College football rivalry's are real, and fans do not take rooting for their team lightly. Fandom has now crossed over into grocery stores, as one Georgia shop is not selling Irish Spring soap at stores this week as UGA prepares to face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Georgia is not just serious about rooting for their team, they are take soap off of shelves serious. 

The store, Dill's Food City, posted a photo on Facebook saying, "Sorry Dill's customers there will be no Irish Spring at our stores this week. #GoDawgs!"

The Georgia Bulldogs are playing Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday night at home at Sanford Stadium. No word yet on if they have taken other Irish related food and items off the shelf. 

The pictures show an employee removing all of the soap off the shelves, not to return until the Fighting Irish head out of town. In case Georgia locals did not see the Facebook post, they put a sign out that says, "Temporarily out of stock" with the Bulldogs logo. Though, they're not so much out of stock as they are banned from being on display while the Fighting Irish are the week's opponent. 

Next week Georgia plays at Tennessee. Maybe Georgia stores will take Whiskey off the shelves?

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