College Basketball 2018 West Coast Tournament

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Individual Leaders
1. J. Landale MARYCA21.1
2. E. Bryant BYU18.2
3. J. Batemon LOYMRY17.8
4. Y. Childs BYU17.8
5. K. Feagin SNCLRA17.5
1. E. Naar MARYCA7.9
2. C. Ross PEPPER5.6
3. J. Perkins GONZAG5.3
4. I. Wright USD5.3
5. J. Batemon LOYMRY4.6
1. J. Landale MARYCA10.2
2. Y. Childs BYU8.6
3. J. Williams GONZAG8.5
4. P. Hartwich PORT7.9
5. J. Tripp UOP7.8
1. J. Landale MARYCA64
2. M. Markusson LOYMRY62.1
3. K. Tillie GONZAG58
4. R. Hachimura GONZAG56.8
5. J. Williams GONZAG56.3
Team Leaders
1. Gonzaga83.5
2. Saint Mary's77.0
3. Brigham Young74.3
4. Loyola Marymount71.8
5. Pacific71.3
1. Gonzaga43.6
2. San Francisco38.3
3. Pepperdine37.0
4. Pacific36.4
5. Saint Mary's35.8
West Coast
TeamConf. W-LTot. W-LRPI Rank
Saint Marys16-230-640
San Diego9-920-14144
San Fran.9-922-17139
Santa Clara8-1011-20265