Steamin' Willie Beamen at QB? Kathy Ireland's Lucy Draper at Kicker? Becky "Ice Box" O'Shea at LB? It's time to assemble the best fictional football teams ever! It's a Fantasy Football Today/Pick Six Podcast crossover and we've got a four-person draft consisting of Will Brinson, Jamey Eisenberg, Sean Wagner-McGough and Adam Aizer. We are drafting coaches, offensive players, defensive players and special teamers. 


2 QB, 2 FLEX, 2 Defensive Players, 1 Special Teamer, 1 Coach


Will Brinson, Pick Six Podcast Host
QB: Willie Beamen (Any Given Sunday)
QB: Johnny Utah (QB, Point Break)
FLEX: Rod Tidwell (Jerry Maguire) 
FLEX: Charlie Tweeder (Varsity Blues)
Defense: Charles Jefferson (Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
Defense: Trumaine (Wildcats)
Special teams: Lucy Draper (Necessary Roughness)
Coach: Griffin Murphy (Madden)

Jamey Eisenberg, CBS Senior Fantasy Writer
QB: Shane Falco (The Replacements)
QB: Jimmy Dix (The Last Boy Scout)
FLEX: Deacon Moss (The Longest Yard)
FLEX: Julian Washington (Any Given Sunday)
Defense: Alvin Mack (The Program)
Defense: Joey Battle (The Longest Yard)
Special teams: Forrest Gump (Forrest Gump)
Coach: Tony D'Amato (Any Given Sunday)

Sean Wagner-McGough, CBS NFL Writer
QB: Vince Howard (Friday Night Lights)
QB: J.D. McCoy (Friday Night Lights)
FLEX: Smash Williams (Friday Night Lights)
FLEX: Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights)
Defense: Luther 'Shark' Lavay (Any Given Sunday)
Defense: Zachary "Sack" Lodge (Wedding Crashers)
Special teams: Nigel Gruff (The Replacements)
Coach: Eric Taylor (Friday Night Lights)

Adam Aizer, Fantasy Football Today Host
QB: Paul Crewe (The Longest Yard)
QB: Joe Kane (The Program)
FLEX: Spike Hammersmith (Little Giants)
FLEX: Earl Megget (The Longest Yard)
Defense: Bobby Boucher (The Waterboy)
Defense: Icebox (Little Giants)
Special teams: Barney Gorman (The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon)
Coach: Molly McGrath (Wildcats)

Round 1
Will Brinson - Willie Beamen (QB, Any Given Sunday)
Jamey Eisenberg - Forrest Gump (Special teams, Forrest Gump)
Sean Wagner-McGough - Vince Howard (QB, Friday Night Lights)
Adam Aizer - Bobby Boucher (Defense, The Waterboy)

Round 2
Adam Aizer - Earl Megget (FLEX, The Longest Yard)
Sean Wagner-McGough - Smash Williams (FLEX, Friday Night Lights)
Jamey Eisenberg - Deacon Moss (FLEX, The Longest Yard)
Will Brinson - Charlie Tweeder (FLEX, Varsity Blues)

Round 3
Will Brinson - Rod Tidwell (FLEX, Jerry Maguire) 
Jamey Eisenberg - Shane Falco (QB, The Replacements)
Sean Wagner-McGough - Eric Taylor (Coach, Friday Night Lights)
Adam Aizer - Paul Crewe (QB, The Longest Yard)

Round 4
Adam Aizer - Spike Hammersmith (FLEX, Little Giants)
Sean Wagner-McGough - J.D. McCoy (QB, Friday Night Lights)
Jamey Eisenberg - Julian Washington (FLEX, Any Given Sunday)
Will Brinson - Charles Jefferson (Defense, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

Round 5
Will Brinson - Lucy Draper (Special teams, Necessary Roughness)
Jamey Eisenberg - Jimmy Dix (QB, The Last Boy Scout)
Sean Wagner-McGough - Luther 'Shark' Lavay (Defense, Any Given Sunday)
Adam Aizer - Icebox (Defense, Little Giants)

Round 6
Adam Aizer - Joe Kane (QB, The Program)
Sean Wagner-McGough - Zachary "Sack" Lodge (Defense, Wedding Crashers)
Jamey Eisenberg - Alvin Mack (Defense, The Program)
Will Brinson - Johnny Utah (QB, Point Break)

Round 7
Will Brinson - Chad Masters/Griffin Murphy (Coach, Madden)
Jamey Eisenberg - Joey Battle (Defense, The Longest Yard)
Sean Wagner-McGough - Nigel Gruff (Special teams, The Replacements)
Adam Aizer - Barney Gorman (Special teams, The Garbage Picking Field Goal Kicking Philadelphia Phenomenon)

Round 8
Adam Aizer - Molly McGrath (Coach, Wildcats)
Sean Wagner-McGough - Tim Riggins (FLEX, Friday Night Lights)
Jamey Eisenberg - Tony D'Amato (Coach, Any Given Sunday)
Will Brinson - Trumaine (Defense, Wildcats)