Scratch Stick

The 2021 PGA Merchandise Show is being held virtually this year (like most things over the last 12 months), but that is not holding back the new gear, gadgets and clubs from still being rolled out. CBS Sports was with you all week taking a closer look at some of the top items being highlighted or introduced over the course of the show.

We're next going to look at an amalgamation of products as we wind down this year's show that are both catchy and useful (and some of them both). Be sure to check out the video in the player above for a closer look at each item.

Goodr: Think of these glasses as more-affordable Oakleys. And that's not speaking of the quality, simply the price. All my friends rock them, and you don't feel terrible if you sit on them in your car or your 3-year-old runs off with them and snaps one of the earpieces (not that that's happened). Perfect for a round of golf as well. 

Scratch Stick: This is maybe the most stunning new discovery for me this year. While it's not exactly a groundbreaking product, it's a perfect combination of a lot of different products I find myself needing and wanting. Part swing aid and part tripod, the Scratch Stick is the best product you never knew you needed.

Inrange Golf: Though it's not exactly a retail product, Inrange Golf is still fascinating. Inrange uses radar sensors at golf bays or driving ranges to determine exactly how you're hitting the ball and then feeds that info to a device you're holding or a game you're playing on a screen in front of you. 

FlightScope: Speaking of using radars to feed info to a device in front of you, FlightScope has developed the Mevo+, which is a device that sits behind you while you hit balls on a range or into a net and provides you information on speed, spin and distances. The coolest part of the Mevo+ is that you can play games on your iPad with little more than a big net to hit into.

TrackMan: Essentially the Mevo+ is a cheaper TrackMan. If you can afford it, TrackMan is probably still the standard-bearer in terms of accuracy -- and also the device most professionals use -- but it's always nice to have options, especially when it comes to this type of product. Also, at $20,000, I can't afford it!