Matt Kuchar is one of four U.S. golfers going to the 2016 Rio Olympics next week.

The problem? He doesn't exactly know the type of golf he will be playing.

Kuchar said on Wednesday he thought the tournament was a sort-of team event. It's not. It's straight stroke play and only individuals can medal. To be fair to Kuchar here, calling it the "U.S. golf team" sort of implies that there is some sort of multi-person goal they are all working towards. There is not though.

"I may be misinformed or just don't know," said Kuchar. "You may have to help me. Is there no team format at all? I remember we did World Cup a couple years ago and the idea was it was an individual ... yet the two scores would be combined. When they first talked about it, if there were four Americans, it was the two highest ranked and they were going to combine the scores for a team event. There is no combined? No team event whatsoever? Just an individual."

A reporter clarified to Kuchar that only individuals can win medals: "If Bubba Watson wins, you don't get a medal."

"From my understanding, it was supposed the to be Bubba and Rickie [Fowler]," said Kuchar. "They were the two highest-seeded Americans. Their combined score I thought was going to be the team part. There is no combination, no team at all? OK."

Kuchar never thought he was going to be part of a team competition because he thought only the highest-ranked players did that. What he probably doesn't know is that there are a lot of countries sending just one player, so a two-man team competition would be impossible.

"I certainly was never going to be part of the team, or at least when I became part of the team I knew wasn't in the top two," added Kuchar. "I knew I wasn't playing for any sort of team medal. I knew I was strictly there as an individual, and I will be going on an individual."

Olympic golf, man. Where we don't even know what format is being played.