Michael Jordan's new golf course in Florida, The Grove XXIII, is unique -- and not just because it is owned by arguably the greatest NBA player of all time. One feature of it is very fitting for a course owned by a guy nicknamed Air Jordan. You can order food and drinks while playing at The Grove XXIII, and the items arrive via drone. 

In a video former tennis star Caroline Wozniacki shared on Sunday, a drone is seen slowly lowering a brown paper bag full of beverages and snacks onto the course. Take a look at how it works:

Here's another order delivery:

It's clear that Jordan's course combines both golf and technology The amenities don't stop at robot's delivering snacks and drinks, though. The golf carts at The Grove XXIII hit speeds of up to 35 miles per hour, caddies get their own scooters and there is a cigar roller on location.

There's also the chance to take home a prize from Jordan. Anyone who eagles on the sixth hole gets a ring commemorating Jordan's six championships. It's like your own championship ring ceremony.

Rickie Fowler recently discussed the course to Golf.com saying, "The shorter you hit it, the wider it is, so the tees and pins are done every day, so the golf course can play as long as you want, but they set the back tees at roughly 7,000 or 7,100 yards, and MJ just plays the back tees."

Don't get your hopes up of playing The Grove XXIII, though. Not just anyone can stroll up to the course and play some afternoon golf. You need an invite to get into The Grove XXIII and there are less than 100 members at the course.