When I got the email that said Jordan Spieth was a 30-1 betting favorite to win the 2015 grand slam, I was a little bit surprised. I shouldn't have been. I'm not sure anything is outside the realm of possibility with this dude.

If we're taking stock the day after his 2015 US Open win, and we are, it's him and Rory McIlroy alone atop the golf world. They currently hold all four majors. Rory has a rival. His name is Jordan. They are both clearly eons better than everyone else.

So can Spieth really win all four majors in one year?

Famously, nobody has ever won the modern-day grand slam in a single season. Only Tiger Woods after the 2001 Masters has ever held all four titles at one time.

Bobby Jones won what was the grand slam back in his day, but that was a different animal. In 1930, Jones took the US Open, US Amateur, British Open and British Amateur. This, what Spieth is primed to do, is much different.

"I think that the grand slam is something that I never could really fathom somebody doing, considering I watched Tiger win when he was winning whatever percentage of the majors he played in and he won the Tiger Slam, but he never won the four in one year," said Spieth on Sunday evening.

We all did. We all always thought it would be Tiger. But now, nobody has won the first two since 2002 when Big Cat did it. He finished T28 at the British Open that year. Before that, Jack Nicklaus did it in 1972 ... Arnold Palmer in 1960 ... Ben Hogan in 1951 and 1953 ... Craig Wood in 1941.

Only Hogan in 1953 went on to win the British. He didn't play in the PGA Championship that year. Nicklaus and Palmer both finished second in their British Open bids.

"You can't win them all if you don't win the first two," said Spieth.

He's right. And no, he's 144 holes from the kind of history that changes the entire trajectory of a sport. He dared himself to consider it on Sunday evening, if only for a second.

"This was somewhat of a British-style golf course, so are the next two majors. I've proven to myself that I can win on a British-style golf course now. Now I take it to the truest British-style golf course of any in the world," he said.

"And I'm just excited for the opportunity coming then, and I'm not going to think about what could possibly happen after."

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Jordan Spieth takes two straight major championships. (Getty Images)
Jordan Spieth takes two straight major championships. (Getty Images)