The Oakland Athletics just can't find anyone who will provide much help in solving their ballpark situation. Their latest setback came Wednesday, the club announced.

Back in mid-Sept., the A's announced that they had found the site of their future ballpark. They weren't even seeking public financing (such as local tax dollars), but instead were looking to pay for their stadium privately. It was to be near Oakland's Laney College, about five miles from the A's current home, Oakland Coliseum. 

Instead, it's back to the proverbial drawing board: 

The Peralta Community College District owns the land where the A's wanted to build the stadium and apparently negotiations broke down. 

The A's have been trying to fix their ballpark situation for years and several different options they've presented have been shot down by various involved parties. Perhaps with the Raiders and Warriors departing the immediate area (the Raiders share the Coliseum with the A's while the Warriors play right next to it at present), the A's can privately finance a new ballpark built on the site. We've seen other teams build new stadiums right next to their old ones, such as the White SoxReds and Mets, in the past.