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A letter that baseball legend Babe Ruth wrote to his mistress sold for a pretty penny. Ruth's letter fetched $201,851 at SCP Auctions after it was discovered in a scrapbook of Nell Wilson, who was Ruth's mistress while he was a member of the New York Yankees.

"Dear Nell, Very sorry but my wife jumped over on me without me knowing it this is the first time she ever did that she is watching me so don't get mad and I will see you Monday night," Ruth wrote.

"The club is watching so the only way I will be able to see you all night is for you to stop in at the Aldine Hotel and I can see you. Babe."

According to SCP Auctions, the letter was discovered in Wilson's scrapbook along with a photo of Wilson herself and a telegram "from a third party which references her relationship with Ruth." The letter was hand-written on letterhead of the Raleigh Hotel in Washington D.C.

The letter has been authenticated by PSA/DNA and Beckett Authentication Services and shows edge wear along with some staining in the upper left corner. There is also some paper loss on the edges, but the signature is clearly visible and was able to be authenticated.

At the time, Ruth was concerned about his wife, Helen Woodford, would find out about his mistress. The star slugger even asked Wilson not to call him.

Ruth married Woodford in 1914 when he was just 19 years old. He had met his wife when she was a waitress at a Boston coffee shop.

Ruth and Woodford separated around 1925 as a result of Ruth's infidelity, but divorce wasn't an option since the two were devout Catholics. Woodford died in January 1929 at 31 years old in a house fire in Massachusetts. Ruth later married actress and model Claire Merritt Hodgson in April 1929..

This letter, which is believed to have been written around 1922, contains a signature that was authenticated by PSA. It originally sold for $86,000 back in 2004.