At 6-foot-6, 240 pounds, 26 years old and with 181 homers in 2,567 career at-bats, Marlins right fielder Giancarlo Stanton might just be the most powerful man in baseball. Of course, he just lost a friendly batting practice home run competition to his hitting coach ...

Yes, Barry Bonds hit 762 career homers and those of us who watched him on a regular basis from 2001-04 can attest that he seemed to hit a home run almost every time he swung the bat. But he retired after 2007 and is now 51 years old.

No matter. He apparently still has at least some of "it" at the plate. Don't be that hater who says something about how easy it is in batting practice. First of all, everyone already knows that. Secondly, Stanton was taking BP, too. He still lost.

If video of the quasi-event surfaces, we'll throw it in here. Even the greatest of Bonds naysayers can't honestly hate seeing his breathtaking swing in action.

Also of note from Wednesday's batting practice, check out the power in there!

That's Bryce Harper, flanked obviously by Bonds and Stanton. Here's a fun game to play: Discuss how many of those guys will ever make the Hall of Fame. There can't be a wrong answer for quite a while, so take a stab.

Barry Bonds, likely before his batting practice display.
Barry Bonds, likely before his batting practice display. (USATSI)