Brewers reliever ponders job in which he's 'treated like a human' after not making roster

Brewers 27-year-old reliever Tyler Cravy thought he had a realistic shot at cracking the team’s 25-man roster coming out of spring training, but those hopes were dashed on Saturday when he was cut. To hear Cravy tell it, the Brewers’ front office informed him and fellow reliever Tyler Scahill that they’d be competing for a bullpen spot in Milwaukee. As it turns out, Cravy and Scahill each had a strong spring training -- 2.03 ERA and 0.73 ERA, respectively -- but along the way the team’s plans changed ... 

So neither Cravy nor Cahill cracked the roster, and Cravy, as you can see above, was none too pleased. More: 

And ... 

Stearns would be GM David Stearns, who of course made the roster decisions of note. Obviously, the front office has to make the decisions that are best for the team, and disappointment and hurt feelings go along with those kinds of tough choices. On the other hand, it’s not wise to hand out assurances, even casual assurances, if the organization isn’t prepared to honor them. In that sense, Cravy’s frustration is understandable. Still, he’s on the 40-man, and he was in the running for an active roster spot until April. All of that suggests he’ll get back to the bigs soon enough, so long as he doesn’t walk away from the game. 

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