In this feature, we'll outline whether teams should be buyers or sellers as the trade deadline approaches.

Colorado Rockies: Sellers

Why: The Rockies are 30-48 and 14 games out of first place. The pitching has completely collapsed, causing the Rockies to move to a four-man rotation. With their premier offensive players signed to long-term deals, the Rockies should focus on building around their core. 

Who can they deal: The team already has fielded calls about outfielder Michael Cuddyer, but GM Dan O'Dowd has indicated Cuddyer is not available. After signing a three-year, $31.5 million contract this offseason, Cuddyer has been a bit of a disappointment, hitting .256/.311/.484. Much of his value has come from playing in Coors Field. He's hit just .223/.260/.438 on the road. Cuddyer, 33, doesn't look great, and trading him would allow the Rockies to get out of that contract.

Rafael Betancourt could be another player on the move. The 37-year-old closer has provided stability in the bullpen, but he isn't a part of the Rockies' long-term plan. Betancourt is signed to a reasonable contract -- about $4 million a year -- through 2013.

The team could also try and deal Marco Scutaro, though he hasn't been mentioned as a trade candidate this season. Scutaro, 36, would be owed roughly $3 million and can play either middle infield spot.

Who they should keep: The core players on this team -- Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez -- are signed to long-term deals. The team will likely keep catcher Wilin Rosario and third baseman Nolan Arenado. Patience has paid off with Dexter Fowler, who is hitting .288/.381/.541 this season.

Verdict: The Rockies desperately need pitching. The four-man rotation experiment has not worked out and the team really needs to acquire new talent. The Rockies need to sell some of their veterans.