Through five innings on Tuesday, the Dodgers already led the Mets 10-0 and star shortstop Corey Seager was already having a career-type day. I say "type" because with Seager's talent level and only being 23 years old, he could surpass this multiple times in his career. 

Still, he was 4 for 4 with a double, three home runs and six RBI. Again, that was through five innings. In the home half of the sixth, he flied out to deep left field in his fifth at-bat.

Here are the three blasts: 

He would get a chance to make history with a fourth home run and it actually came with the bases loaded. Seager already had a solo shot, two-run homer and a three-run blast, so people were preparing to use the "home run cycle" terminology. Seager got good wood on a pitch and drove it to left-center, but it was caught just shy of the warning track. He would have to settle for the three homers.

Seager also hit three home runs in a game on June 3 last season; he's now the 104th player in MLB history to have two three-homer games. 

Let's pare that down to the Dodgers, shall we? Seager joins Duke Snider, Shawn Green and Adrian Gonzalez as Dodgers players with multiple three-homer games. 

Again, Seager is only 23, so the odds are that we'll see this another time or two in his career. He might even have a four-homer game in him, which would put him alongside Green and Gil Hodges when it comes to Dodgers who have pulled off that feat.