The Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals are scheduled to play two on Saturday, provided the D.C. weather permits. The Cubs, however, aren't too happy about the situation.

As it turns out, Chicago's players would have preferred to wait out the rain on Friday, but were convinced by the Nationals that the doubleheader was the better play:

Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post went into greater detail about how the doubleheader came about, noting that the Nationals pushed for it in part due to their past experiences with D.C.'s odd weather patterns and the injury risks associated with wet fields:

Of course, the weather in D.C. hasn't improved -- it's supposed to rain throughout the day Saturday -- which further complicates the entire process.

The Cubs, for their part, haven't had a real day off since August 20 and won't have a day away from the park until September 13. It looks like they're in for another long day at the office on Saturday.