Today in questionable-if-well-meaning advice, Darryl Strawberry thinks the 2016 Mets need to play with more of an edge.

Usually, when old-time players say that about a current team, they mean the players need to headhunt or slide with their spikes up or something along those lines. Not Strawberry, however. Instead Strawberry, who was at Citi Field to celebrate the 1986 championship squad, thinks the Mets need to have a few drinks and get into bar fights. Here's the gist, via the New York Post:

"I don't know, maybe they need to get into a couple of fights. You find out then who's tough and who's not," Strawberry said. "Maybe they need to go to the bar and drink and get into a couple of fights like we did. Then you realize what you really have."

The '86 Mets are known for being undisciplined, and while Strawberry probably wants the Mets to do as well as possible, these Mets would be best served to ignore his advice. Frankly, they should stray as far from the '86 squad's team-building playbook as possible, provided they want to make the most of their window. And besides, they're doing pretty well, considering they entered Sunday tied for first in the National League East.

Probably best to avoid Strawberry's advice. USATSI