Jeff Luhnow, the disgraced former general manager of the Houston Astros that were caught participating in the largest cheating scandal in modern baseball history, has his eyes set on a different sport: soccer. A report from the Athletic reveals that Luhnow is partnering up with a group connected to the Netflix show "Club de Cuervos" and looking to purchase a club in Mexico.

The gaze of the former baseball executive has been reportedly set on soccer since he was fired from his Astros job. Initially looking at MLS clubs, he switched over to Liga MX when he learned that the valuation of top flight clubs in the U.S. is usually 10 times that of its annual revenue, whereas Mexican clubs are valued around what they pull in with revenue. Luhnow was also born and raised in Mexico City.

Luhnow was fired last January after Major League Baseball suspended him for the entirety of the 2020 season because he oversaw the team that electronically stole signs on its way to the first World Series title in franchise history. This, of course, put a rather sour cap -- one might even say an asterisk -- on an executive tenure often praised for its use of analytics and the quick turnaround from loser to contender to champion.

This isn't Luhnow's first foray into sports team ownership, as he was reportedly looking into working with Alex Rodriguez and helping him with his ultimately unsuccessful bid for the New York Mets back in August.