IMPORTANT PHOTO COLLAGE: The vague disgust of Bo Porter

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A law of baseball -- a law that approaches immutability -- is that the manager of a 111-loss team such as, say, the 2013 Astros will necessarily wear upon his countenance a look of imprecise revulsion. "Events and lesser gods, they continue to conspire against me," his visage says without ceasing. 

For instance, please regard, with an empathic bearing, the following nine-piece photographic collage, which contains every extant image of Astros manager Bo Porter1 ... 

(Images: USATSI)

Behold the chronic dyspepsia native to a -238 run differential. It follows, then, that this handsome, evocative portrait -- soon to be available in the cherished medium of the Franklin Mint commemorative plate -- is titled, "The Vague Disgust of Bo Porter."

As has been said of other works of baseball art in this space, hang this in the Louvre or let there be no Louvre

1Not actually true at all.

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