The winners of the 2018 Cy Young award were revealed on Wednesday night, with Jacob deGrom of the Mets taking the NL side and Blake Snell of the Rays getting AL honors. Trevor Bauer of the Indians finished sixth in the AL, garnering one third-place vote, three fourth-place and four fifth-place. 

Bauer didn't appreciate how the vote went down. 

Before going further, let us appreciate the best part of this: The timestamp: 

12:05 AM - 15 Nov 2018 from Guanacaste, Costa Rica

He's doing this on vacation in Costa Rica! 

The Bauer column is the first one with the 2.21 ERA. What's interesting to me is that Bauer is trailing in a lot of "what happened" columns, like ERA and WHIP. Bauer is better in more predictive or "what will happen in the future" columns -- at least that's how I view them -- like FIP, xFIP and SIERA. Many disagree and that's fine. I'm just saying that when I'm looking at a completed season, the pitcher who allowed fewer runs (ERA) and baserunners (WHIP) seems like he had the better season. Snell was measurably better there. 

For what it's worth, someone did say this to Bauer and he owned up to it. 

My answer to that would be that it was a really tough vote without an obvious winner like deGrom. The best run prevention guys were Snell (1.89 ERA, 180 2/3 IP), Bauer (2.21 ERA, 175 1/3 IP) and Chris Sale (2.11 ERA, 158 IP), but they didn't match the workload of the likes of Justin Verlander (2.52 ERA, 214 IP), Corey Kluber (2.89 ERA, 215 IP) and Gerrit Cole (2.88 ERA, 200 1/3 IP). There were also two stellar closers in the mix. Voters had to try and balance all that instead of getting an elite ERA with an elite workload. 

The bottom line here is Bauer's injury (a stress fracture in his right fibula) cost him a lot more than the voters. Had he stayed healthy and maintained his paces, he would have won the award, as the field was desperately lacking a great run prevention guy with a great workload. Bauer got hurt and missed out. That's life. 

Creating a spreadsheet from Costa Rica to own the voters is so Bauer, though. Very in character. I love it.