Thanks to a surname identical to a certain honorable profession, there are bound to be seemingly endless plays on the name of Yankees slugger Aaron Judge, especially when he plays like he has so far in 2017. 

The latest? There's now a section of Yankee Stadium called "The Judge's Chambers." It even looks the part with the judicially themed wood. 

Not only that, but designed to fit 18 fans wearing black Yankees robes with Judge's number 99 on the back. Here's a glimpse of the area on Monday night: 


OK, so we've got some gavels in there along with the requisite "all rise" mention (aside: I still can't help but hear "all rise" in the tone of how it's said on A Few Good Men). Also a sign with a "Judgement Day" theme. It's pretty much all covered. 

The youngster Judge sounds pretty humbled. 

"I was shocked, you know. I was surprised," Judge said (via the Associated Press). "I think it's going to be a pretty cool idea that the fans will like. It will be something the fans I really think will enjoy."

Judge, 25, entered Monday night hitting .321/.421/.707 with five doubles, two triples, 15 home runs, 30 RBI, 35 runs and four steals. He's leading the majors in home runs and the AL in runs. He is rookie eligible, so call him the obvious Rookie of the Year frontrunner, though right now he would be in the MVP conversation.

Aside from all that, he has quickly become a bit of a folk hero among Yankees fans. Having the right last name sure hasn't hurt matters, either.