Every year, the New York Yankees host what's known as Old Timers Day, a celebration of the franchise's storied past. Part of the festivities include a glorified softball game between notable Yankees of yesteryear. That game took place on Sunday, ahead of New York's series finale with the Houston Astros, and it included a notable event: Mariano Rivera going yicketty.

Yes, Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer of all-time, hit a home run -- of the inside-the-park variety, anyhow. Take a look:

For as great of a pitcher as Rivera was -- and again, he was the best -- he never received much opportunity to show his stuff as a hitter, failing to record a knock in three big-league at-bats.

With that in mind, it pains us to note Rivera's home run should be accompanied by an asterisk. Clearly the opposition's outfield was on the take given their poor effort -- that or retirement has robbed them of their respect for the game. Either way, shame on them for setting a bad example for the children in attendance.

Before anyone takes the preceding paragraph to heart: yes, we're kidding around. We endorse any and all behavior that permits us to write about Mariano Rivera hitting a dinger. 

Oh, and by the way, Rivera still seems to have it on the mound: