Amid the Major League Baseball shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we're seeing adjustments across the league. Players and team officials alike are hoping for some sort of shortened 2020 season. If that happens, it's likely to be without fans, which means the bottom line for each team is going to look worse than usual.

On that front, Marlins CEO and former Yankees superstar Derek Jeter has decided to forgo his salary indefinitely, according to Miami-area baseball reporter Craig Mish. Multiple reports indicate Jeter's salary is $5 million a year. He made over $265 million in his playing career and bought into the Marlins in 2017.

Mish also reports that other members of the front office have taken pay cuts. They aren't alone there. As noted, all 30 teams are likely shuffling through projections while trying to make the best of this situation. They'll all take a hit this season, even if they are able to play a decent chunk of the schedule. Losing gate and other ball park revenue hurts, even if the TV deals are just as important these days. 

MLB teams reportedly will be allowed to furlough employees starting in May. And just like anything else we discuss when it comes to 2020 baseball, the next step is unclear. We don't know what the coming weeks and months hold -- but it won't be a usual season on or off the field.