Major League Baseball's investigation into New York Yankees right-hander Domingo German following an alleged domestic violence incident may soon be coming to an end. Ken Davidoff of the New York Post reports the case is ending its final stages and a "resolution is expected in a matter of weeks rather than months."

German was placed on administrative leave under MLB's domestic violence policy on Sept. 19. He missed the final nine games of the regular season plus New York's nine postseason games. Here's more from Davidoff:

While a penalty hasn't been determined for the Yankees' right-hander, German's offenses don't appear to be as egregious as those of Astros closer Roberto Osuna, who served a 75-game suspension last year, and they're regarded as worse than Mets reliever Jeurys Familia, who sat out the first 15 games of the 2017 season. The fact that German spent the last nine games of the season plus the Yankees' nine postseason contests on administrative leave upon discovery of the incident figure to be part of the negotiation between Major League Baseball and the Players Association for the final number.

Davidoff says German was involved in a physical altercation with Mara Vega, the mother of his children, on Sept. 16, and MLB was notified through a third party rather than the police. Vega was interviewed by MLB within days of the incident but German has not yet spoken to MLB's investigators, according to Davidoff. That is an important step in the process.

Players typically do not get paid during domestic violence suspensions, though German was paid while on administrative leave. For the nine regular season games he missed this year to count toward his suspension, he would likely have to forfeit nine games worth of salary retroactively. (Players do not get paid during the postseason.)

German, 27, went 18-4 with a 4.03 ERA in 143 innings in 2019. He likely would've been New York's fourth starter in the postseason.