Nyjer Morgan's 'girlfriend' seems displeased

Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan is quite possibly having relationship problems. I, humble blogger, am privy to nothing, but I do know how to stare at Twitter -- Nyjer Morgan's Twitter. And when I stared at Twitter on Monday, here's part of what I saw ...

Oh my. That check mark you see indicates a verified account, so this is actually Nyjer Morgan's feed about which we're talking. But there's more ...

Oh my and oh wow.

You'll notice the first tweet in the screen grab immediately above is standard-issue "athlete adores his fans" stuff. And then, well, and then the woman allegedly scorned -- like whom hell hath no alleged fury -- seems to have taken the wheel. And, lo, she has driven it over a cliff!

Please do note that her hackery (if indeed that's what this is) comes complete with a passionate new "if I can't have you, no one will" Twitter avi and everything.

What you see above, obviously, is but one side of a story probably never to be told. But Nyjer Morgan is going to have an interesting week.

This sort of thing is precisely why Babe Ruth was never on Twitter.

UPDATE: Morgan says his account was indeed hacked ...

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