Most of the Northeast is preparing for the "large, powerful and dangerous" Winter Storm Harper this weekend, with more than 1,100 Saturday flights canceled due to an anticipated wave of "bitterly cold" weather.

Certain East Coasters, however, think Harper forecasts are predicting a whole lot more than snow and sleet.

As MLB free agency drags deeper into the second half of January and star outfielder Bryce Harper remains unsigned, fans of both the Philadelphia Phillies and Washington Nationals have been itching to see the slugger announce his new home, especially with the Phillies admitting their infatuation with Harper and the Nationals still being linked to their longtime All-Star.

They've become so impatient, in fact, that they've turned to meteorologists for clues as to where Harper will end up -- and identified Winter Storm Harper as a potential sign of things to come.

Upon The Weather Channel's report earlier in the week that the storm would bring major snowfall to both the Midwest and Northeast, Twitter erupted with speculation about the real Harper storming into the same region via free agency.

And before you go ranting on about how A.) these desperate fans having nothing better to do, B.) every winter storm doesn't deserve a name, or C.) MLB free agency moves slower than your neighborhood snail, you might want to consider that Winter Storm Harper could actually be, you know, an actual sign. Because guess who retweeted the Winter Storm Harper forecast?

That's right. The man himself.

Stay tuned for the investigation into what Harper's snowflake emoji means about his pending contract negotiations.