Red Sox center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. has been named ALCS MVP for 2018. 

In the 4-1 triumph over the reigning-champion Astros, Bradley batted just .200, but thanks to his walks and extra-base power he put up an OPS of 1.067 for the ALCS. In the five games, Bradley tallied two home runs, four walks, one double, three runs scored, and nine RBI. 

In Game 2, Bradley smacked a clutch three-run double to reclaim the lead for Boston. In Game 3, he authored an eighth-inning grand slam, and in the sixth inning of Game 4 Bradley's two-run homer turned 5-4 Boston deficit into a 6-5 lead. All three of those hits came with two outs -- "clutch" is a bit of an understatement. 

While Bradley remains a skilled defensive outfielder, his work at the plate during the ALCS is a welcome reversal of fortune. During the regular season, Bradley batted just .234/.314/.403 in 144 games. That's not bad production for a player who contributes in other ways (in addition to manning a key position, he was 17 of 18 in stolen bases), but it's not a line that augurs ALCS MVP. The Sox's No. 9 hitter, however, came through in a series most expected Boston to lose despite their 108-win resume.