In light of all the creative bobbleheads coming up this season, the Eye On Baseball team decided to do a fun little project. Let us imagine what outstanding bobbleheads we'd like to see in the coming years. The only requirements are that the bobbles are baseball-related and that they are actually able to be made into a bobble.

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Otherwise, anything goes. And keep in mind, thanks to the Coco Crisp "Bernie Lean" bobble, we now know that parts other than just the head can bobble. In Coco's case, it's his torso. Maybe an arm, a leg, a hand, a finger, etc. It's all about the creativity.

We've already started compiling a list, and it looks like we'll be doing this every single Friday easily into the 2014 calendar year. The best part? We don't have to imagine what the bobbles might look like, because we'll be providing some outstanding artwork thanks to friend-of-the-blog Jarod Valentin.

For our first entry in the hopefully never-ending series, we present ...

Reggie Jackson vs. Billy Martin dugout argument bobblehead

For those unaware, the background: In a 1977 game against the Red Sox in Fenway Park, star Yankees right fielder Reggie Jackson appeared to loaf after a looper from Boston slugger Jim Rice. Rice ended up on second base with a double when he probably only deserved a single. Yankees manager Billy Martin was so furious that he sent out a substitute.

Yes, Martin was pulling his star in the middle of an inning, an embarrassing moment for anyone, much less someone of Jackson's stature. As Jackson ran toward the dugout, he shouted in the direction of Martin, who started screaming back and the two eventually had to be separated.

Also, that game was also the NBC Game of the Week -- back in the days when TV viewing wasn't nearly as accessible as it is today. When the fight started, the Yankees' batboy threw a towel over the dugout camera, but NBC switched to the center-field camera and caught pretty much every second of it, with Joe Garagiola narrating the whole thing. All this made it an even bigger deal than it otherwise would've been. What's more, the first thing that Jackson said to Martin when he got back to the dugout was, "You have to be crazy to embarrass me in front of 50 million people."

The exchange's place in baseball lore is secure for many obvious reasons.

The Yankees might not want to do this potential promotion -- though they won the World Series that year, so maybe they'll have a sense of humor about it? -- but maybe it could be a Fenway Park giveaway? Nah, no self-respecting Red Sox fan would want any bobble with two Yankees on it, at least not from a Yankees team that bested the Sox. So I guess that's out.

Still, many of us who don't have a horse in that race would love to get our hands on a bobblehead of this variety.

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