WATCH: Matt Holliday homers with broken thumb in perfect Cardinals farewell

Earlier on Friday, the Cardinals activated Matt Holliday off the disabled list so he could play a farewell series at Busch Stadium. The team is not going to pick up his $17 million club option for 2017 and they wanted to give him one last chance to play in front of the hometown crowd.

One small little problem though: Holliday is still injured. He hasn't played since August 11 after an errant pitch broke his thumb. Holliday will be limited to pinch-hitting duty this weekend, and even then he might not be able to contribute much. Hitting with an injured thumb is hard. You can't hit properly if you can't hold the bat properly.

Unless you're Matt Holliday, apparently. He pinch-hit for the pitcher in the seventh inning Friday night, and he socked an opposite field home run. Of course he did. Check it out:

Oh man, what an awesome moment. Holliday's been a greatplayer for a long time now, and he helped the Cardinals win the 2011 World Series, so of course the crowd loves him. Listen to those cheers. What a send-off.

I wonder if Holliday would prefer to shut it down this weekend and let that be his final moment as a Cardinal. I wouldn't blame him. It doesn't get much better than that. Then again, St. Louis is in the middle of the wild card race, so if the team needs him to pinch-hit, I'm sure he'll gladly do it.

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