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Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson has already gone on record saying he doesn't plan to change his playing style or his personality when he plays for new manager Tony La Russa. The manager is known for being old school and Anderson is known for his bat flips.

After the 76-year-old was hired as manager, Anderson said, "I won't change my style, the way I play, for Tony. That won't happen. I will continue to be me. I always have and I always will be. We'll see what happens, I guess if I do do a bat flip," and he's stayed true to his word so far.

With spring training underway, the 27-year-old Anderson has already met with La Russa for a one-on-one meeting, and the two seem to be on the same page, according to Anderson.

Anderson said (via ESPN):

"Just to see what page he's on is definitely awesome. Just have conversations with him, very motivating. The drive to want to win, he has that. I'm behind him 110 percent. That's the ultimate goal, is to win and to win a World Series here. I'm behind him."

"I think he's pretty solid. So far, everything has been great. The things he has been preaching have been good. I think we got the right man. I hope so," he said. Joking, Anderson added, "I ain't afraid of him. Tell him that."

Anderson said at this point he feels very open with La Russa and "can tell him anything."

La Russa also spoke about his first meeting with the players, admitting there were some nerves there. "One of the players asked me, 'Hey, you were nervous [after addressing the team on Monday]?'" he said. "I said, 'Yeah.' ... It means that you care and you understand that the unknown is out there. The challenge of the competition."

This is La Russa's second stint with Chicago, and his first managing gig since 2011.