The Yankees were in the process of utterly crushing the Rays on Thursday afternoon when there were some fireworks. The real-time tweets were funny: 

Minor quibble: I'd have gone with "Jesse Pinkman's favorite word," but that's a matter of taste. 

Holy smokes, though! Sabathia was two innings away from a $500,000 bonus and did this: 

Here's what led to it: 

  • Jake Bauers was hit by a Sabathia pitch on a 1-0 count (in a 7-0 game, mind you) in the bottom of the fifth.
  • The first pitch in the top of the sixth from Andrew Kittredge was thrown at the head of Yankees catcher Austin Romine

It's difficult to judge intent, but it certainly seems like Sabathia's pitch that hit Bauers was not intentional and Kittredge's pitch was pretty damn fishy. 

Sabathia's long been known as a great teammate and, well, throwing away a half million dollars to get your teammates' back is certainly a story that will back up that reputation, even if he's already made over $250 million in his career.