PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia 76ers guard James Harden made some major NBA history on Thursday night. With the shot from long range that he knocked down in the first quarter against the Brooklyn Nets, Harden passed Hall-of-Famer Reggie Miller for third place on the NBA's all-time made three-pointers list. 

Miller connected on 2,650 triples over the course of his career. Now, the only two players that have made more 3's than Harden in NBA history are Stephen Curry (3,101 and counting) and Ray Allen (2,973). You can see the shot that propelled Harden past Miller below: 

Miller happened to be in the building working as an analyst for TNT, so he got to witness Harden pass him in person. He didn't seem especially upset about it though, as he donned a jersey that congratulated Harden on the accomplishment. 

In the days leading up to him officially passing Miller, Harden spoke about what the honor means to him and he made it clear that it isn't something he takes for granted. 

"[Third] all-time in NBA history, that's definitely a huge accomplishment," Harden said. "I think No. 1 is definitely going to be hard to catch. You got the best shooter to ever touch a basketball in Steph [Curry], but that right there from Reggie to Ray [Allen] to Kyle Korver. Those are some unbelievable shooters that we all witnessed shoot the basketball at a high level.

"As a kid we all knew Reggie [Miller] as a sharpshooter," he added. "He could shoot the ball from anywhere and make big time shots... All-time is a testament to the work that I've put in, but those are some great guys on that list. Some great shooters on the list and I'm just happy to be a part of it." 

Like Curry, Harden has benefitted from the increased emphasis placed on the long ball in today's NBA. Miller attempted just 4.7 three's per game over the course of his career, while Harden has averaged 7.6 to this point. The most 3-point attempts that Miller ever averaged in a season was 6.6. Harden has averaged at least 10 attempts per game on three separate occasions. The increased attempts have helped to catapult both Curry and Harden to the top of the list. 

Despite his positioning on the all-time list, when the best shooters in NBA history are discussed, Harden isn't typically mentioned immediately. He probably should be, though. Perhaps because of all the other things he brings to the floor -- elite playmaking, driving and a nearly unprecedented ability to get to the foul line -- Harden isn't solely associated with shooting like others on the all-time list are. 

When you think of Miller, or Allen, you immediately think of shooting. That isn't the case with Harden. However, being multi-faceted doesn't make him any less lethal as a shooter. He has clearly established himself as one of the most potent and prolific floor-spacers of all time, and he should be acknowledged as such. 

By the time he decides to hang up his Adidas, Harden will almost assuredly be second on the all-time list, and while he would like to usurp the top spot, he knows that catching Curry will be an uphill battle. 

"I'm blessed, I'm fortunate to be on that list," Harden said. "I'll do whatever it takes to catch Steph, but it's gonna be difficult, man."