For the second time in his career, Anthony Davis was ejected from a game. It happened in the third quarter against the Bulls on Monday. Davis had just fallen to the ground (shocker) on a failed lob attempt from Russell Westbrook. In the process, his shoe came off. As he was putting the shoe back on, the officials allowed play to continue. 

Chicago inbounded the ball, Davis started barking and received a rather prompt dismissal after being called for his second technical foul of the game. 

It's not like Davis' absence hurt the Lakers' chances of winning. When he got the boot, the Lakers were down by 21 points; they were outscored in Davis' 28 minutes by 22 points and eventually lost the game 121-103. This comes three days after the Lakers lost to the Timberwolves by 24. 

Davis is having a pretty good season in every area except shooting. He's hitting just 20 percent of his 3s. If you throw out last season, when he only played 22 games, this year has been Davis' least-efficient scoring season since his rookie year, per Cleaning the Glass, namely because of that dismal 3-point percentage and what are his worst midrange-shooting stats since, again, his rookie campaign.

The Lakers are treading water at 8-7 while they wait for LeBron James to return to the lineup, which can't come soon enough.