The Boston Celtics’ hiring of Brad Stevens back in 2013 came out of nowhere, but since then he’s become one of the NBA’s best young coaches. And because of his success at the college level with Butler, there’s always going to be rumors swirling about some school luring Stevens back to the NCAA. 

For the most part, however, those seem to be more long shot dreams generated by fans than actual substantiated reports. Stevens noted as much Wednesday before the Celtics took on the Minnesota Timberwolves, telling the Boston Globe, “Nobody calls. The only thing people usually call me for is to ask questions about candidates.”

Brad Stevens when he hears about another silly rumor USATSI

Even if teams were calling about job openings, however, Stevens noted that he’s “thankful” to be with the Celtics and that he won’t be going anywhere else. Via the Globe:

“Everybody has a pretty good idea of where I stand, and I think ultimately I’m going to be here. I think that’s pretty well known.”

“I think it’s all flattering, but it’s certainly flattering to ever be considered, because there aren’t that many jobs out there,” he said. “But at the same time, I’m really flattered to be here and thankful to be here.”

“I feel like I lived a lifetime with just the 13 years in the college game,” Stevens said. “I’m happy for what I had a chance to experience. I don’t reminisce too much about it, but I relish the opportunities and certainly the people I did it with.”

This is certainly good news for the Celtics, as Stevens has impressed during his time with the team. The Celtics increased their win total in each of Stevens’ first three seasons, and look to be on the way to doing so once again, as they already had 42 wins entering Wednesday’s action, needing just seven more wins down the stretch to surpass last year’s total of 48 wins.