The Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz were very familiar with one another as they faced off in back-to-back NBA Finals in 1997 and 1998. In order to gain a potential advantage, former Jazz forward Antoine Carr believes that the Bulls used a secret weapon while the Jazz were staying in Chicago during the Finals.

Carr alleges that there were multiple occasions where a Playboy model would arrive at players' hotel rooms with cake the night before a game.

"They show up in a trench coat, and when they get to present you with your cake, the coat comes off and it's 'Welcome to Chicago!'" Carr told ESPN. "But if you're a young man and all you can think of the night before the Finals is a beautiful girl now, that's going to throw you all the way off.

"It didn't work on me. It was good cake, though."

Carr was in his mid-30s when the Jazz took on the Bulls in those NBA Finals. Chicago ended up winning both of those series, including the 1998 NBA Finals where Jordan hit his iconic "Last Shot" to lift the Bulls to their sixth NBA title.

Carr clearly didn't fall for the alleged trick and had a strong Game 5 performance in which he scored 12 points and secured four rebounds. That game was essential to the Jazz's survival as it forced a Game 6. Despite only scoring 4 points in the first four games of the series, Carr averaged 10.5 points over the final two games with a nine-point performance and the 12-point showing.

It's worth noting that the Jazz only won one out of six games in Chicago during the 1997 and 1998 NBA Finals, so perhaps other players took the bait.